Posted by: Tim | February 14, 2011

Before MWC

Mobile World Congress (MWC) started yesterday in Barcelona.  I am following along with that and compiling the information so I can do a recap next week, like I did with Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  However, both CES and MWC got me thinking.

After CES, I was a little upset that I had just gotten a new phone in August.  Why?  Because now I have to wait until April 2012 before I can upgrade again.  However I’ve been following tech blogs and reading about new things on the horizon and I am no longer as upset.  Why?  A few main reasons come to mind:

1) Sure, Verizon has already started rolling out LTE, but the phones coming out this year will be the first ones on the network and there are always kinks to work out.  But the other important reason is that Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on Verizon probably won’t happen until 2012.

2) Hitachi just announced a new 4.5″ screen they plan to start producing in October.  It’s 1280×720 with 329dpi density…that’s full 720p resolution on your phone!

3) This year dual-core smartphones and tablets are being release, which is pretty awesome. I would love to have a dual-core phone, however, NVIDIA isn’t done with just the dual-core Tegra 2.  They plan to announce the Tegra 2 3D.  AND…the Tegra 3, which is quad-core and on tables that will be capable of 1920×1200 displays and playing Blu-ray video. On phones it will be 1366×768 displays.  Now THAT would be awesome.  And according to their timeline the Tegra 3 samples will be available in the 4th Quarter of 2011, which means devices will probably start coming out the first half of 2012!  Just when I’m ready to upgrade!

4) Samsung just released 2 new smartphone camera sensor.  An 8 megapixel one that can capture 1080p video at 30fps and a 12 megapixel one that can capture 1080p video at at 60fps.  Both can capture full-res stills at 30fps.

Not to mention that phones are starting to get dual rear-facing camera to take pictures and video in 3D.  I’m not sure I care about that, but it’s still pretty awesome.  AND there will be even better things coming, I’m sure.  So I may not be able to upgrade to a new phone now, but when I do…my phone will be even more awesome.

Stay tuned…a recap of MWC will be coming up next week.


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