Posted by: Tim | September 5, 2012

Who Allowed This?

Recently Local 10 in Miami, FL posted a slideshow of pictures from Star Wars Celebration VI. Now there should be nothing wrong with that because Celebration VI was a large convention held in Orlando, FL, so it makes sense there would be articles written about it and slideshows posted about it. However, the slideshow posted by Local 10 is not good, in my opinion.

The slideshow is called “What the Force???: Most bizarre Star Wars Convention sightings” and first of all, none of the pictures are bizarre for a Star Wars convention or any other science fiction convention for that matter. So the title of the slideshow starts it off wrong and the captions for each picture just make it worse. The captions try to be “funny” but they’re really just mean and playing on the horrible stereotypes about the people who attend conventions like Celebrations.  You can see the slideshow here: “What the Force???: Most bizarre Star Wars Convention sightings

Now I was going to write about all the captions and repost some pictures with new captions, but I don’t have to because The Late Geek was wonderful enough to do it already. You can check out his post and new captions here: “What the Force??? This is Amazing! Outstanding! Just Plain Epic!”  He forgot a picture in his original post, so you can see the one he missed here “An Addition and an Apology

I deal with similar comments from some of my family, friends and people I’ve worked with. That’s fine. I know these people and I can deal with them. I think they’re naive and I know they’re wrong, but I can deal with them. But these captions are posted on a “news” site. That’s just aggravating. So bad form, Local 10 in Miami and congratulations The Late Geek on the improvements you made to the photo captions.

Also check out the HerUniverse post by Ashley Eckstein (the voice of Ashoka Tano), “The Bullying STOPS Here! It’s Time For Star Wars Fans To Unite & Stand Up!

Update 2:
It appears that Local 10 has taken down the page with the slideshow on it and posted the following on their Facebook page (which I will point out is not really an apology):

GOOD NEWS (or BAD NEWS… depending on where you sided). The infamous STAR WARS slideshow has been taken down.
For those offended (and let us know), sorry.
For those who enjoyed it (and let us know), sorry.
Remember… the force will be with you… always.


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