Posted by: Tim | October 10, 2012

The Influence of Media, Social and Otherwise

The first video I’m posting here is an interesting look at the reach and influence of social networking sites. I’ve been wanting to post this video for a while now. It was sent to me by one of the designers and researchers for the video. In fact, it was the first time anyone has requested I review something to put on my blog, so I was flattered and I found it a very interesting and enlightening video. I don’t want to talk about the video too much because I want the video to stand on its own, but I will share one of my favorite parts from the page where the video is located.  It is their use of a quote from Gil-Scott Heron. ‘”The revolution will not be televised” he was right. Instead, it will be youtubed, it will be statused, and it will be retweeted” because it looks more and more like it’s true.

Check it out and leave any opinions in the comments. To read more about it or to see the video on it’s original page, you can visit “Hyper Revolution” on OpenSite

The second video is a look at media’s influence on your life. How it can affect your self image, confidence and opinions. It may focus on how it directly influences girls’ opinions of themselves. However, I believe it also influences guys’ opinions of girls as well. Girls think they should look one way because of magazines. Guys think girls should look one way because of magazines. It’s really not fair and it’s very damaging.

So check out the video below and for more information you can visit MissRepresentation.Org


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